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We like giving a very practical help to our clients. Sometimes it is an answer to a very concrete question that the client is looking for at a certain moment. We are ready to involve our collective knowledge and become a sounding board and a partner in problem solving. Of cause, the success largely depends on how well the problem is defined, but we are there to give it a try. Some issues can be solved relatively quickly, without complex diagnostics and planning, and we will not try to complicate it in this case.

What is an ad-hoc advice?

It is an OD&D expert consultation aimed at solving your particular business task. You choose the expert and the amount of his / her time.


You have a specific question related to organizational design

You are redefining your strategy

More and more complex interactions are forming inside your company

You need to define employees' responsibility areas

You want to optimize operations

There is a decrease in processes effectiveness

Formats of meeting


Goal: get answers to your particular questions
Participants: OD&D Agency expert and < 2 of your representatives
Duration: >1 hour
$199 / hour

Design session / workshop

Goal: clarify your strategy, increase managerial maturity, adjust the interaction of cross-functional processes, master various methodologies / frameworks in practice
Participants: OD&D Agency team of experts and > 2 of your representatives
Duration: 8 hours


Fill out the form below specifying the basic information about your business task and the name of an expert / experts

Together with the expert, determine the details of the meeting — the format and number of hours

Meet with the expert in person or in Zoom to get an answer on how to solve your business task

What are the benefits of working with us?

OD&D is a boutique agency, we do not use manuals and templates. You will get a customized service and personalized solutions.

We provide a complex approach including expert consulting, organizational coaching, education, and mentorship. Together we will define the best format meeting your needs.

Our consultants work with a capabilities mindset. Upgrading your business operating models, we help you to unlock opportunities to achieve a whole new level of performance.

We are ready to adjust a project scope to ensure that we provided you with all the necessary information for decision making.

Who are our experts?


Managing partner, Head of Organizational Design & Development practice

15 years in Organizational Design & Development practice

> 5 years as Head of Organizational Development Department, in-house (National Retail, Heavy Engineering)

> 10 years in Consulting


Senior consultant, Organizational Design practice

> 10 years T&D (Comfy, Mafia, Matroluxe, Kovbas Market)

> 5 year in Orgdesign and Orgdevelopment

> 2 years in Consulting


Partner, Operational Excellence practice


> 12 years Supply Chain/Business Development in FMCG Sector (P&G,Nestle)

> 3 years in Public Sector as advisor in Ministry of Economy

> 4 years in Consulting


Junior consultant, Organizational Design practice

1 year in Marketing (PR, tenders) in EY

> 6 years in Sales (retail, distribution, e-commerce) in FMCG Sector (Henkel, Philips, L’Oreal)

1 year in Consulting

You can find information on practical cases here

Do you need ad-hoc advice for your business?

We are ready to help you!

Our experts will share their experience to solve your business tasks of any complexity

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