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Office of Change Management / PMO: Create or outsource?


Pavlo Kulish

Duration: 1.5 hours

Creation of a Transformation office is a strategic step for companies seeking to be competitive in the modern business environment.

The Office of Transformations allows you to solve a number of important problems: adaptation to changes, improvement of work efficiency, attraction and retention of talented human resources, and others. Our webinar will provide you not only with insights, but also with specific recommendations for the successful transformation of your working environment!

INCREASED THE QUALITY OF IMPLEMENTATION OF CHANGES BY 50% due to the creation of the Change Office!

Implementation of successful changes in the organization requires a complex and meaningful approach. Since the path of transformation is complex, the right management approach is crucial for achieving the set goals.

Project statistics show that the creation of an internal Transformation office significantly improves the effectiveness of change management. Companies that have a dedicated Transformation office are 50% better at implementing change compared to companies that do not.

During the webinar, Pavlo Kulish, a senior expert in project and change management, will tell you everything you need to know to initiate and develop the PMO and change management processes in the company.

Pavlo Kulish

senior project and change management expert at OD&D AGENCY

> 2 years of developing company strategies on Agile

> 1.5 years as Operations Director at PILLAR

Management of two enrichment plants and two quarries

Certified Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute

Professionally proficient in LEAN, Waterfall, Kanban, Agile, SCRUM methodologies

In management positions in international and Ukrainian companies

>7 years

Establishing a PMO is the best investment in your business!


Learn what a Change Management Office is and when it should be created

Understand what functions this office performs and at what levels the Change management office can function

Get step-by-step instructions on creating a Transformation office

Get to know with the experience of implementing the Office of Change on the example of other companies

Find an answer to the question: should you create such an office or outsource it?


Business Owner / CEO of companies

TOP managers

Heads of project and transformation offices

Heads of corporate departments

Operational directors

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