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We do organizational design and implement changes for businesses with the BOLD GOALS!

OD&D Agency partners with business leaders to modernize business processes and transform organization design to build value through real, sustainable change.

As a progressive boutique agency with expertise in organization development, we provide our clients with business growth services, depending on the company’s maturity level


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Our clients ask

Growth & Scaling

“We were growing for many years without close focus to our internal structure. Today our established business is limited by its organizational configuration. How to redesign and prepare it for further growth?”

“We feel that our growth has slowed down. We expected the business to develop faster. We do not know what the reason is. What can we do about it? How to define our further development plan?

“How should we improve our internal processes to be able to execute our strategic goals?”

Cost optimization

“One of our departments works inefficiently and we want to optimize it. How to define a number of employees in this department necessary for its operability?”

“What is the best way to align our organizational structure for effective company work? What methodology should we use for optimization?”

Customer-centricity & service design

“We want to become a customer-first business. How our processes should be organized to improve our customer experience?”

“Our internal processes originate difficulties for customers in their journeys. The number of complaints is growing, but we do not know how handle them. What approaches we need to re-think to become an integrated enterprise and provide a seamless experience for consumers?”

“How to provide the best service to our customers to increase their loyalty? Which departments should be involved in this process?”

Business processes design & optimization

“We want to systemize our business. Help us describe and standardize our business processes.”

“The effectiveness of most tasks depends on the founders’ personal participation. They constantly control all business processes. How can we change our management approaches? How our business processes should be redesigned?

“People do not interact with each other, there are many internal conflicts. We want break silos and to work harmoniously. What are the ways for building a coherent operating model?”


“We want to prepare our company for digital transformation, digitalization. How to reshape our structure to become more digital?”

“We intend to diversify our product portfolio and start earning on new digital products. How should we revise our existing orating model to protect our market positions?”

Fit for strategy

“Our strategy requires us to create “fit” among our company’s activities. How can elements in the value chain interact and reinforce one another?”

“We have defined new strategic goals. Can you help us with building an entirely new business model, with a new organizational structure and talent mix supporting it?”

“How can our business processes and organizational structure help us adapt quicker to ongoing market landscape changes?”

Ecosystems / Groups of companies strategic orgdesign

“We want to build a more tightly knit, integrated corporation. How can we redefine the relationship of the center with the operating units?”

“How should diverse entities be integrated into a coherent network that generates goods in the present and new designs for the future?”

“What is the most effective way to manage distributed innovations in our dynamic ecosystem?”

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Benefits of working with us

OD&D is a boutique agency, we do not use manuals and templates. You will get a customized service and personalized solutions.

We provide a complex approach including expert consulting, organizational, education, and mentorship. Together we will define the best format meeting your needs.

Our consultants work with a capability mindset. Upgrading your business operating models, we help you to unlock opportunities to achieve a whole new level of performance.

We are ready to adjust a project scope to ensure that we provided you with all the necessary information for decision making.

what we do

Operating model
Business processes
Orgstructure & Key roles description

We help you to identify what your business will look like in the long term.


You see a clear picture of your success: where do you “play” and how you are going to “win”.


Together we determine how your business should work to create strategic value.

Operating model

We design and organize your processes so that work is done automatically.

Business processes

You understand the structure of roles you need to execute the processes.

Orgstructure & Key roles description


We do not have a defined industry specialization, but we have expertise in different areas. We have pleasure of working with public, private, not-for-profit businesses, as well as start-ups around the world.














Oil & Gas



We help companies grow faster by implementing best practices in organizational design and development.

Dmytro Molchanov

Сo-founder HOP HEY

Before the project, everyone was engaged in everything, it became more and more difficult to manage processes every day. Thanks to the project with OD&D, the path that we would have covered, stumbling, in 2-3 years, we have covered in 9 months. Now the company has changed in principle: people have their eyes burning, they are passionate about what they do. Such approaches make it possible to go very far.

Oleg Miroshnichenko

CEO Modulex

When we divided the company into management objects and each object got its own leader responsible for the result, it became very easy to plan and achieve results. Now our employees are developing within the company, moving it forward. All indicators in the company are now measurable. The result of the project with OD&D is an operating system that allows us to scale the business. Our productivity has grown by 50% and we plan to grow further. All the time and money that we have invested in this project has paid off long ago.

Oleksandr Kalyka


The OD&D methodology turns the look at business, and each director and manager will be able to be more conscious in their activities when they look at their area of work, assets,management objects in the way that the Gainegement methodology suggests.

Mykola Kabluka

Founder Expolight

I had an understanding that it was time to change management approaches, the old methods were no longer effective. OD&D consultants laid the theoretical foundations of organizational design in our company and helped us establish a system approach. The coaching approach in work was very valuable. Employees were not simply told how to do things differently. They were taught to change: to understand the need for change and how to do it organically.

Anton Trush

Founder Eclipse

The development of the company had reached its certain stage. I understood that there was an opportunity to move on, but I did not understand how to do that. The consultants showed us that the entire system is managed only by the owners, delving into every nuance. They helped us create the structure on how to delegate authority, and since then we can deal with more strategic issues of the company's development at the international level, and the system works well without our direct intervention.

Olga Galyant

Direct Sales Director Konica Minolta

After rethinking its market strategy, the company defined target industries for itself. It was important to understand how these industries are organized from the inside in order to attract customers more effectively. OD&D Agency conducted a training workshop involving industry experts and helped us understand the nuances of operating models. As a result, sellers began to better understand the business models and, as a result, the pain points of the target industries and make their offers better.

Olga London

HRD TV and Radio company "Ukraina"

At that time, the company had a fairly large number of people working, and the business faced the task of optimizing the number of employees. In the course of the project, together with consultants, we optimized the staff of the technical department, described all functional responsibilities, changed the organizational structure, and substantiated the KPIs that were assigned. We saw that there is no need for some of the positions that are costly for the company, and this gave us reason to reduce them. As a result, we made a fairly large contribution to the savings of the wage fund.


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