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Organizational design is the core of our service portfolio. It is often perceived a hierarchy of roles, rather static and almost the same in any company, but we see it in a different way. Organizational design is a process of adjusting the structure and processes in the organization to let its employees interact in the most efficient way for achieving strategic goals in existing market environment. This process is tough, but together we can tackle it.



Our clients tell us about the problems they are facing on a day-to-day basis:

We need to grow faster, so as not to get left behind. Be proactive. Keep focus on the most important things. Improve customer experience. Prepare business model for scaling. Simplify organizational structure. Attract the best industry talents. Increase employee engagement.


The OD&D helps the business owners and executives to assess the existing organization towards their strategy and identify internal obstacles and gaps during diagnostics. Then we suggest, discuss, and decide together on necessary changes during design phase, and supervise the implementation process, where the intensity of the OD&D involvement may differ based on the complexity of change program.

As the result, the roles, processes, and the interaction patterns within the organization correspond to its strategic ambition and market constraints. Your new operating model enables the delivery of your business direction.


  • Diagnostic report

  • Operational model

  • Business processes model

  • Organizational structure

  • Roles

  • KPIs

  • Transformational plan 
& roadmap

  • Personnel transition recommendations* 

  • Competency model* (optional)

  • Optimal headcount* (optional)


  • Business expansion rate growth x 3

  • Sales revenue growth x 3

  • > 90% projects led to clients’ incredible scaling

  • 7 clients became national market leaders in their segments

  • Productivity growth > 20%

You can find information on practical cases here
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