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Organizational development and change management

Do you want to propel your company forward at a new speed but fail with change management? Most companies’ leaders would reply “Yes!” and this is not surprizing. It is difficult for a company to understand what needs to be changed and it is even more difficult to make those changes happen!

To facilitate your transformations, we offer a range of options:

Option 1

Creation and launch of a complex transformational office.

It’s a necessary element of any large-scale transformation. This unit will bring a different pace and rhythm to your planning and execution of changes. It includes process and project offices to spread an integrated approach across your company and everyone’s maintain focus on outcomes.

We also help with creation of independent:
Process offices

engaged in the design and optimization of the business-processes, maintainment and development of organizational design inside your company

Project offices

engaged in effective management of projects related to organizational transformation and implementation of changes

What does this service include?
  • Design and structure of the optimal process model of the office you choose to create

  • Сompetency profiles of people needed by your company to implement changes

  • Assistance with the selection of a person for the position of the Chief transformation officer, the Head of Process / Project office, Business analyst or we can do the selection / recruiting ourselves

  • Position entries for the selected people. We provide trainings and mentorship until they become independent and effective in leading changes

  • Methodologies, procedures, guides for the transformational office operation

  • Assistance in new methodologies implementation

Option 2

Outsourced transformation office

If your project is at early stage and you haven’t set up our own transformational office yet or if you experience a lack of own resource for a quick transformation launch - we are here to help you!

You can outsource Project managers, Business analysts, OrgDesigners. We will also guide you through transformation management and advice on what tasks to accomplish with our help.


Transformation office
Strategic Office
Process Center
Project Office
Data Analyst
Agile Center of Excellence
Policy & Control

develop, implement and monitor the implementation of policies (regulations, charters, standards) that must be enforced at all levels of the company

Core resource

limited resource that everyone needs and that has partner relationships with other departments, not supplier relationships


facilitate, coordinate and influence core operations as advisor without directive powers

Shared service

centralized service working for internal customers

Our advantages:


years of experience

Experience in implementation of changes in

different industries

Large database

of contacts in the field of organizational transformations

Successfully trained more than


company employees on change management


  • Management system maturity level has grown

  • 5+ business owners resigned CEO positions and left operations management

  • 10+ clients created Transfornation offices

  • 500+ Top managers became mature assets owners after orgdesign workshops

Do you want to learn more about successful change cases?

Another great change journey may start with just filling the contact form below, we will be happy to know more about your challenge or ambition.

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